The Only Thing I Know About Love

I know not much about love. God, do I even know anything about love. But here’s what I know.

Sometimes, the least we expect out of people comes out in their most natural state.

You wake up in the morning to find them lying beside you with their shirts rolled up their tummy and their hand laying softly by your rib cage. The night before, you were both a mess. You were both drunk off wine and conversations.

He was never your type. No, you’re attracted to well-suited guys in ties and briefcases. He neither had both. He lived on baseball caps and sweats, on a machinery you can’t quite put a hand on.

He said he grew up with the pressure to be the best. Or so, that’s what his dad pounded him for. Number one, champion, greatest. Never second.

But he was sweet, when he looked neither of it. Never was a big doer and believer of all things cheesy, yet somehow he pulls together an unassuming night of movies, pizza and duvets, not big roses in bouquets. And I, on the other hand, smitten.

He has a smirk when he thinks of something that once made him happy, and a different smile when he looks deep into my eyes. Sometimes I wish to crack his head open only to hear what he’s been thinking.

On days when he’s indifferent, upset or mad, his voice would echo the room and a lion was set out only to find regrets in his eyes and disblief in his hands.

And still, we fall in love. We fall in love in their most natural state, as we least expected to.


4 thoughts on “The Only Thing I Know About Love

  1. We fall in love with the soul. We like to think it will be the type we want, but most of the time the soul of our “type” has already latched onto someone else, and as our inner self starts to extend, it touches something in someone that draws the breath away from us and makes them turn to face us.

    I know it has been a while since I have commented on your posts, and I hope you are still together.

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      1. You couldn’t scare me off 🙂 I left blogging for a while to work on my book, but when I reached a dry spell, I came back. In the last couple of weeks I have done a couple of flash fiction stories which has got the creative juices flowing again.

        Try looking at photos and see what story you can see in them. See what kind of inspiration flies out of the image.

        Look at a dolphin, and what do you see? A beautiful creature with a mate and a family, on their way to find a mate for their young ones. What kind of hardships have they met on the way? What thoughts go through their mind, what keeps them going? What do they think to stop them giving up? Dolphins form long lasting relationships, a lot like humans. They communicate well, so do they have their own form of a Dalai Lama (or on land is it a Dalai Llama XD ) Does a dolphin not give up because it is its nature not to give up, or is it because they know that if they keep trying, then they will succeed. 🙂


  2. It’s truly love not infatuation, when you fall with a person in complete, with all of their good and bad, you accept them and love them as they are and that is really what we call a beautiful and true love .


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