What Happens Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I’ll wake up and hit the snooze button. In the next 10 minutes, I will do so again and finally, open my eyes. ‘’Today, it is’’ I will say. I’d grab my backpack, bite on my granola bar while tying my shoelaces, run downstairs, and feed Nugget with her 2-dollar dog biscuits. When the door swings open, I’ll sprint as fast as I can.

The wind will be on my shoulders, caving into the back of my neck. I will run into puddles and splashes of water will soak up the bottoms of my jeans. It will be cold and moist.

Tomorrow, I will meet you on the train station and you’ll be waiting for me in your black, over-sized sweater. My hair will dangle everywhere and my sweat marathons down the nape of my neck and through my shirt. In which, I will wipe them away hurriedly and carefully.

People sitting across, people running through. The lady announces the train’s departure. The blind man continues to strum his guitar.

Tomorrow, you will talk to me. While I catch my breath, my heart pounds a million times than it ever did until last year’s phonecall. You’ll continue to tell me stories and gossips. I’ll continue to listen.

The train will be packed. With I, silent. And you, indifferent.

Tomorrow, we’ll arrive to where we’re supposed to go. You’ll lead the way. I’ll follow. I might get a few scratches here and there, but the pain don’t feel as much, no more. You’ll rest your bag under the sicamore tree and say ‘We’re finally here.’

The birds will sing. While the time is ticking.

Tomorrow, I’ll ask you if you still think about her. ‘Her?’ you’ll say. ‘Whoever,’ I’ll reply.

Tomorrow, you’ll think. About her. About me. About whoever.

Tomorrow, I’ll know. You’ll know. But we’ll never say a thing.


11 thoughts on “What Happens Tomorrow

    1. Hi, thank you so much for your kind words. It means so much to me (as cliche as that sounds). Almost two years, i think? Not sure. I’ve lost count on this blog as it started really as just a hobby. But about 8 years ago, when i found out about the whole online journal thing (livejournal, blogspot) i wrote tiny bits and pieces until I finally ‘grew up’ and realized how ridiculous that is. But here I am, 8 years after, still doing this ridiculous thing. I wish you enjoy the rest of my blog, as it is just mainly my whining and expression of frustration. 🙂


      1. Haha no problem. And even though they might be just your random whining and frustration expressions, you seem to write them in a different way. Haha hard to explain, but after reading “The One You Will Love,” it just amazed me! You’re even good at grammar and punctuation, which I go crazy about when reading things and especially my own blog.

        Where are you from by the way?


      2. Hi, sorry it took me long to reply. I didn’t get to check my blog for a few weeks. Thank you so much for your kind words, Elevich! I appreciate them a lot. To tell you honestly, I almost never proofread my posts (which is why there are tons of misspells and errors here and there)! HAHA I’m actually from the Philippines, born and raised. What about you?

        – Katrina


      3. Haha no worries. And oh wow from the Philippines? How’s it like to live there? And I’m all the way from San Francisco, CA. Crazy to meet people from all over the world.


      4. Wow really? My mom is in San Francisco at the moment, actually. Haha! It’s like how you live in SF, I guess. We sleep, wake up, eat, go to work/school, go home and sleep. Nothing really exciting as you would have imagined. Just different surroundings and time. And for the record, Elevich sounds a tad bit more interesting than Matthew.


      5. Haha yeh I guess that is true. So what kind of stuff do you do besides blogging? And yeh Elevich is pretty cool I suppose. Haha it’s pretty much my username for anything that requires a username.


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