Where I Lost Me

I lost myself between the heavy lines of traffic and the song playing on the radio. The rain triggered me to pull away from myself and everything else around. In the middle of the stop light and the go signal, where I am challenged to go deeper into something else.

In the meadows of what if’s and what is’. In the clear blue skies where the sunlight burns the ends of my soul.

At the gate of holiness where faith and truth lies clear. At the books where I am taught to imagine and that everything I can think of is real. At the pages of the manuscript that digs deep in my bones only to succumb the realness of reality. On the printed images on paper where perception is distorted and blurred away.

On the make-shift of humanity. By the exchange of glances between the stranger and I. Between the shared advice of myself and an acquaintance. On the sobs of my friends of pain and heartbreak. On the diluted pupils of my loved ones where I vowed to never love and promise at the same time. Along the walls that I surround me.

I lost myself in truth, in love, in hope. And that’s where I also found me.



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