Move On and Be Happy, For God’s Sake

Tonight I sat on my bed completely disappointed and depressed with everything that has happened today and the last few weeks. There’s this school thing and family thing. I sat and sobbed. There were piles of worksheets to do, clearance to be signed, tons of notes to study and a whole lot of thought and truth to think over. So I just sat and sobbed. I don’t do that often (maybe I do but I’m never gonna tell you) and I was completely enthralled with myself. This is not me. This is not the version of Katrina I have inhabited for almost 19 years. This is Katrina Version The downgraded version. The completely-altered version of me. Ew. 

And so I thought, why do we think it’s better to dwell in the past than live for the moment? When did we realize how ‘cute’ and ‘trendy’ tweeting sad/love quotes? Why is it so much easier to self-pity? Why is it such a fantasy to have someone pick us up from where we left our shit to waddle around? Why does it seem like a good idea to cry over things and cuss and not do anything about it? Why can’t we all just move on and be happy? Seriously.

Pick yourself up from where you broke down and build your own shit. Don’t wait for others to come and do it for you. They’re too busy building theirs. Stop posting rants on Facebook on how sad and depressed and lonely you are. It makes us want to cuddle you with a chainsaw in an electric chair. Stop going around asking for advice when all you want to do is cover your ears and listen to yourself. Don’t even think about telling us your problems 1000x. We’ve already told you how to fix it, now get your ass working. 

Happiness is what you choose to remember.

Get a drink, grab some pizza. Eat. Drink. Sleep. Live. That’s what you should be doing and not digging your story into someone else’s.  

Fix your shit, move on and be happy, for God’s sake.


15 thoughts on “Move On and Be Happy, For God’s Sake

  1. Katrina, this shit is amazing. I just love the way you write. Gives me them jives and grooves to get my ass moving. Love the energy you pump into your posts. Quite a clear thinker. Damn good post! You rock babe!


    1. Yes of course you can reblog it. 🙂 thank you so much for your support. I just try my best to be honest to my writings as i am to my feelings. Thank you so much again 🙂


      1. Well…We writers must support each other if our shit 🙂 is good! Gotta spread the word! By the way: A wise man once said, “Great writing comes from honest writing”. Keep it up! 🙂


  2. Katrina,
    I have to agree with everyone. You really do have some talent here! At least your essay writing assignments are an easy A right?
    Hang in there! You will look back at these days as The Good Old Days! I promise!!! Even the sobbing on your bed times will be a sweet memory. You have your whole life ahead of you and sometimes that is freaking overwhelming! 😉
    But seriously… I tell my kids… your life is a book.. and everyday, you write another page! I am jealous… my pages are almost all written on! You have volumes left! You can be and do whatever you want to! You definitely are smart enough and you sound like you have a lot of guts! Days like these will be scattered through your life but I really do promise the best is yet to be!
    May God Bless your life!


  3. Hello 🙂 I definitely agree with your philosophy on life. But I do know that moving on for some people is the hardest thing due to no fault of their own. But I really like the energy of your post. I’ll keep reading 🙂


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