On Moving

Sometimes, it scares me how badly I just want to drop everything and leave. Like I could just walk out one day with a one way ticket. No money, no responsibilities, no goodbyes.

Maybe I’m too sick of the people, meeting, if not doubles, multiples of them. They’re all the same fillings but in different cases.

I’m sick of living up to something I have not voluntarily plant myself into. No, i’m not somebody’s daughter or someone’s friend, I have a name – use it.

Maybe a little bit choked up on how people treat people. It’s an old cycle of rumor, gossip and drama. This is not Hollywood, people.

Maybe a quite bit of adventure would be nice. Getting lost in the city, meeting locals, drinking a glass of a native beer and having a great time. Is that really too much to ask for?

It’s scary how, without a doubt, I want to get away and start over. And I guess, when that time comes and if I ever get too far, I wouldn’t even care what’s left.


10 thoughts on “On Moving

  1. I’ve hit the “restart” button twice in my life. Granted I had run my life so far into the ground trying living up to others expectations. I had no where else to go the first time. The second time I could have done anything I wanted.
    I chose “restart”.
    This time I’m doing it my way. I’ve never been happier. I surrender daily to loving everyone around me in my unique way, not how others expect.
    I’ve never been happier, nor have I ever had so many genuine friends who support me and accept me just as I am.
    No “fks” or “shts” given… But the love I share is abundantly overflowing.


  2. Katrina, it’s like this… Everytime I read your writing, I feel like… “Man, how does she feel what I’m feeling”? Kinda uncanny, don’t ya think? Two different people living in two different parts of the world? Pretty strange similarities!


  3. This is exactly the way I feel every day of my life. Living in a small city, that I cannot stand, not understanding people, and what is happening to the humanity. I wish I could just travel until I find a place where it feels like home, where my heart feels happy, and nothing irritates me, or makes me wanna run away.


  4. I’ve felt this. Often. I know what it’s like to not have the answers and have the people who should teach you better in your life, constantly fail. I hope you get back on your feet though. These moments pass too πŸ™‚


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