Live Simple

Wake up at whatever time you want to. It may still be dark outside or it could be in the middle of the day. Don’t worry about responsibilities. They wouldn’t matter in a year. Brew your coffee or tea, whichever you want. While waiting, take a hot shower. Shampoo your hair, scrub every part of your body and rinse. Get out of the shower and dry yourself.

Drink your now-cool beverage and toast some bread. Cook eggs and bacon. Eat. Eat a lot, eat a little. Eat until you’re satisfied. Don’t be too stressed out when you can’t finish your meal, you can save it for later.

Take a walk outside. Bring umbrella for when rain pours down. Stop to smell flowers. Pick out your favorite from the bush and give it to someone. Stranger or a friend, it would make their day. Sit in a park, sidewalk or café. Read a book. Watch people catch and miss the bus for work. Trace the curves on their forehead and try to figure out who they are as a person, daughter, lover or a husband.

Call a friend, family or a lover. Listen to their stories. Listen to how their day is going. Listen to their sighs. Tell them how you are, if they ask. Tell them whatever you want to. Tell them how you feel and hang up.

Bring out the best in people. Tell them how good she looks like in that chiffon skirt. Compliment on how well you thought the painting on his journal was. Pick out your favorite memory you’ve shared with someone and tell him. Kiss his cheek. Smile with your eyes. Walk away when they’re not treating you how you want to.

Let people see your emotions. Don’t hide them all away and bottle it up for personal security. Cry when you want to. Laugh when you should. Cuss when you’re frustrated. Chew on your nails when you’re nervous.

Take the bus home. Watch teens carelessly fall ‘in love’ in subways. Give out a few cents to the blind man with a guitar. Walk out and go home. Cook dinner. Drink wine. Shower and brush your teeth. Lay in bed. Think until you’re not thinking anymore. Rest.


7 thoughts on “Live Simple

  1. Care free says it all! Made me wanna figure out how to just let go and live as simple as this! WE are the ones that make it more complicated. Put away paying bills or thinking about them for one day…do what you want to do or don’t want to do… ahhh tis the life! 😉


  2. There’s something so whimsical about this 🙂 I hope you really had a day like this. I know I’d love to, someday.


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