On Phones and Conversations

At 6, I had a phone pal. You know back when people still use the telephone to ask how your day was and not read through their smileys? His number wasn’t exactly in a paper anymore because it was already in my subconscious. I pick up a phone and from the weeks of practice, I dial his number without a glitch. At 6, I made a techie friendship of someone whose age is in his digits, 15.

Silly though, I called every time I see a phone. Ours or not. Theirs or mine. You can call me clingy at 6, I guess not to the person himself but rather to the home phone machinery itself. I mean, how awesome it could be to have one day, with the touch of your fingers and a combination of digits, be able to hear a person’s voice and not get a notification of a mental make-up of his voice instead.

I was too young to remember how long it lasted and how it went away. But I remember his grandma picking up the phone one day and furious to hear a girl’s voice on the other side. Then I said it was just me. She probably rolled her eyes by then and asked him to come down after.

Every time I pick up the phone, I can almost hear his excitement through the phone lines and if it would have been possible, breathe in his sadness. I ask him what he was doing and then he proceed to tell me what happened that day. Then he asks me what I was doing and I tell him the same. Well, it was that kind of phone ‘relationship’.

It was great to have someone I could talk to whenever I wanted to. The tone rings and somehow, he is always in the other line, waiting. I don’t know what for, maybe for a really cool story of a pebble I found at the beach that day or how my classmate ‘bullied’ me in school day. It was nice. To just have someone to talk to.

You see, it was exactly the friendship I needed most at this time of my life. I don’t really need someone to buy me chocolates or bring me flowers. Not even someone to hold hands with and share a glorious kiss in the rain. Maybe I just want it simple, I just want someone to ask how my day went and actually listen to me stumble my words. But it’s hard to have someone in that sense at this age though, they always want something more. Something they all think I could just give away easily.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’m trying to say here. Probably, this post will wind up in my drafts with the all the other ‘not good enough’ posts that will soon be pushed into the trash box. But you know what, for a change, like what I’m trying to have in my life right now, I’m publishing this.


8 thoughts on “On Phones and Conversations

  1. How funny, I read it all the way through and as an adult now I related to you as that kid. I related to the 15 year old too. Never heard of a phone pal or got exactly how you developed this relationship but it reminds me of the saying about how some people are there for us for a time and others leave prints on our souls forever. I’ve worked at the same place going on 9 years now… people have come and gone… some people I will never forget due to both good and unfortunately, bad reasons but you know what I mean and others just kind of have faded out of my memory. The other day a kid came back who had worked with me 8 years ago at the restaurant on our property and totally remembered me. He was so enthusiastic and sweet about it. I was glad I’d made a good impression for him (or else his mind is younger than mine. 😉 )
    Anywayyyy someone who worked there has recently come back to work there again. Her name jogged my memory and when I saw her I immediately knew it was “the past employee” but for the life of me I remember nothing about her!!! No details… just a slight recognition. I don’t remember how long she worked there… how or why she left etc… it is crazy! Anyway… I’m not sure why I am sharing this with you here lol. But your comments about why you wrote your piece made me think of this.
    I personally love your writing and am glad you didn’t assign it to your drafts!
    Have a happy fourth!


  2. It’s really good to hear a person talk rather than read messages through texts or chat or e-mail. This entry made me remember my childhood too, I once had a pen pal and she lives in the States. She’s a good friend but sad to say, we aren’t connected anymore. Things are more.. personal/sincere before and people exert more effort. Compared to now, even though modern technology make life more convenient, we can’t really tell if the people we’re conversing to through texts/chat/e-mail is really sincere/true with what they say and if the emoticon or smiley they send is really what they looked like while typing the msg. 🙂


    1. rightly said! before people were more sincere, honest, close and put more time and effort into a relationship and friendship, everything seemed so genuine, but these days in spite of the technology which claims to bring us closer, we have become impersonal and distanced. yet again technology is not at fault, only human nature is!


  3. Interesting how you capture the thought and turn it into picture. Thanks for allowing me to see your world through your words. It would be interesting to meet you in person someday.


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