I Want You

I want you to look at me from across the room with an eye of a hunter. Eagerly observing, slowing attacking.  I want you to smoke of whispered secrets and sip cups of harsh truths. I want you to know how to play ‘the game’. I want you to sweep me off my feet not in words but with actions. I want you to speak of sonnets and symphonies. I want you to stop and smell the roses and remember the nights we’ve had together. I want you to send me handwritten letters in a form of a poem, a prose or anything you are comfortable with. I want you to paint me your dreams, with or without me in it. I want to laugh at your frustration when you don’t get my lips just right. I want you to string together little pieces of the little things that I wouldn’t remember. I want you to climb in and out of my window. I want your groggy face next to mine on a Sunday morning. I want your worries to leave and your scent to stay on my sheets. I want your mornings in my place and my evenings at yours. I want your hands to run slowly down the gaps of my spine or the hollows of my ribs. I want you to kiss me on the parts where I’m most insecure of – my thighs, my core, my collar bones. I want you in pieces, in halves, in a whole. Never mind that, I want you. I want all of you.



32 thoughts on “I Want You

    1. Awe! Thank you very much TheRunningSon. Im sorry, I don’t really know how to properly take a compliment. :/ But this made my day, and I will remember them when things are off. Thank you. Thank you.


  1. Wow that is something you wished was written to you personally by a person you find very attractive or attracted too! I don’t know who you have in mind but the passion between these two people is obvious. Or could it be the writer has a desire that has never been met in this regard? Leaves one with many thoughts…


  2. Hello Ina! I really like your blog. Your voice is so prominent in your writing it feels like you’re right here reading it out loud.

    The only criticism I can offer is that you need to become more aware of creating stronger sentences. But I’m sure the more you write the more you’ll self-edit.

    if you ever need help with proofing and copyediting. I’m only a facebook message away.

    Keep up the great work! I love you!


  3. my goodness Katrina… where do i begin? Firstly thanks for visiting my blog and liking one of my post! which is pretty nice of you! and Secondly… Gosh this post was mind-blowing…. wish I could express such intense passion too… You had me on fire while reading this… I was like “How does she make me feel so raw?” Your just too damn good! 🙂


      1. You could write a wonderful book I think! I read a lot of stuff daily and trust me when I say, “This is Great Writing!” Keep it up and hope to see your book in the stores soon! If you keep up with this pace, I would like to purchase that book of yours! Have fun writing! 🙂


      2. Oh thank you so much! I’d definitely give you a call once my book is out. But that would be centuries from now… Or never. Haha! Until then, my blog is the only thing I can offer. Thanks for your positive feedback. Its people like you who I motivate myself to write. Cheers! x


  4. I’ve just looked and seen your 17 and still don’t know what to do with your life… well this I can tell you, you could write, this is brilliantly written, if not a little strange for your age..
    The subject Diana sent us over to read is not what I expected but you could write if nothing else… beautiful…


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