If I Wasn’t Scared

It takes a brave heart to experience life – and some cash.

  • I’d wear the clothes that I like
  • Wear smokey eyes to school
  • Not worry if I can’t graduate College
  • Hump every guy I find attractive (thank god)
  • Tell someone she has something in her face
  • Stand up for myself over a teacher’s mistake
  • Re-design my school uniform
  • Bring weapons to school and shoot someone who pisses me off
  • Have Barrack Obama kiss my feet
  • Vegas (enough said)
  • Tell the guy I like that I like him
  • And then ask him out for a date
  • Completely regret why I asked him out
  • Jump over from one building to another
  • Go to the Vatican
  • Ninja my way to Vatican’s ‘secret’ passage, and into the secret room
  • Discover the biggest, dirtiest secrets of the church
  • Tell the Catholic church I know all their dirty secrets
  • Rob a bank
  • Build a bridge from Cebu to New York
  • Wear Kim Kardashian makeup everyday
  • Shave my head off
  • Bleach my hair
  • Get a crazy haircut. Miley-kind-of-crazy
  • Run 10,000 miles without stopping
  • Do something more with my hair
  • End up in jail

But that wouldn’t be all.


14 thoughts on “If I Wasn’t Scared

  1. Well some fear is good, like the kind that keeps you from getting a record. The kind that keeps you from wearing the kind of clothes you like or telling someone they have something on their face, just work on that. It doesn’t happen overnight, try a little at a time, It’s really gratifying to be able to express yourself. Friends and strangers alike will appreciate your small gesture of helping them avoid an awkward situation. Unlike my friends who, years ago let me go dancing all night with corn stuck on my front tooth. Awesome.


  2. Some of those are worthy of pursuing, some are worth just doing, some are just fun to think about, and others need to be forgotten as they will only destroy you. The trick of Life is figuring out which is which.


  3. “it evokes a sense of poetry and it was amazing to read.. but couldnt comprehend with the title!!”

    this comment was for your other post 1224..sorry it got messed up.


  4. outrageously outrageous. My advice: Never, ever be scared to do the things you find important, or find importance in things that everyone agrees should only make you scared. or something.


  5. Fear can be a hindrance causing you to miss out on great life experiences. But, fear can also be a powerful motivation to overcome challenges and brave the world. I hope you gain the courage to overcome some of your fear.


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