Did you know that a bolt of lightning has up to 1 billion volts of electricity? That’s enough to offer a family of 4’s power supply for years. Or enough to kill an innocent man’s life in a split second.

But here’s what you didn’t know. You’re running your life on fear. You’re creating barriers between acceptance and yourself. You’re pushing yourself away from genuine happiness. You’re settling for ‘good enough’. What are you doing? Seriously, what are you doing?!

What’s holding you back? What makes you think twice? Is it because of what people may think? Is it because ‘maybe’ it could be worse? Do you not think all this unnecessary anxiety is just a cause from your own vanity?

It’s quite sad how you fear so many things that’s not even worth your wrinkles in the long run. Look around. It’s beautiful.  Acceptance, love, peace, faith. There’s so many things waiting for you to break out of the jail you created.

Why are you pushing yourself away from so many things that could happen to you, from so many opportunities,  from so many worthwhile experiences? Why are you so scared of the unsure?

Life is supposed to be like that. You have to keep searching the dark to see the unseen.

You’re a coward. An idiot. An idiot. An idiot.


6 thoughts on “1259

  1. brilliant, again. especially the shift, from lightning to the hardest of hard truths. amazing. and the last line – I know it well. thanks again.


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