I wrote him a letter once a day for 3 years. They were letters of my feelings, of my thoughts, of my life. They were 2-pages to a one liner. They were on a scented sheet, or on a back of a receipt. They were written in script or scribbled. It was my version of a love letter. A shitty love letter.

But no one ever read my letters. Because I never sent them.


16 thoughts on “1224

  1. Good to actually write it down somewhere, good to let it out, even if it’s on a journal book, or a piece of paper, or on the back of a leaf.
    Expression is a good thing, it allows us to move on, go and even help us understand ourselves better and how we felt back then.
    When we look back on the past, we take note of the person we used to be, and now this is who we are. 🙂


  2. I think it’s important to tell people how you feel. I’m not saying it’s easy and it definitely can be painful. There are a million movies about miscommunication. Things said out of hurt or not said at all. I would rather put it out there and get rejected than to always wonder.


  3. I see Love inside, I see the yearning for the outpouring of Love, I see Love searching for an object to pamper and to deeply and passionately love. What I do not know is whether there is no object worthy that Love, or it is Love that has become untrusting, unable to love again.


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