Don’t Make My Dreams Come True


If it would, I…

  • am running away from monsters who are after a cookie I stole in a cupboard and die
  • am hiding from a witch with 100% clear vision but can’t notice people hiding in a blanket and die
  • would look ultra sexy with all of my teeth fallen out
  • have, several times, experienced poisonous cobra snake bites.
  • walk around naked
  • dead people came back to life = ZOMBIES
  • have a mansion made of chocolate and got obese and unable to move a muscle other than my mouth
  • have everything I want but I have to shower in poop and urine
  • am best friends with Justin Bieber
  • came out of the closet with a bang – literally
  • killed a masochist in bed, naked and die
  • brought 9237 kinds of guns in an airport and went to jail for having a tattoo
  • made it to Hollywood, naked
  • am a half unicorn princess in an island of cotton candy and weird hallucinations
  • am Christian Grey’s Ana Steele
  • am married to Zac Efron but I can’t kiss him because, for some reason, it all went black. It’s either there’s a black out or I got blind

I take that back. Please make them come true. At least, it’s more interesting than the life I have now.



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