On The Definition of Love

Before I proceed with this awfully-thought-of post, let me tell you straight – as a young little girl to a man, woman, sheep, dog or whatever you are – I am the worst ‘love guru’ there is. So in behalf of my non-alcohol drunk self, please excuse my lack of knowledge on ‘Love’. Like you, I’m still figuring it out as well.

This is what I assume love is:

Love is licking off an ice cream on a hot sunny day. You feel the sun burning on your skin. You could almost see the smoke coming out of it. But one lick changes everything. The sweet vanilla taste runs cold in your throat contrasting the burning heat.

Love is a swing set. No matter how hard you kick in, you can never go all around.

Love is getting drunk with your best friends. You feel safe and secured and take the cab home together, slightly embarrassed. You’ve had a good time and it’s that kind of friendship you’d like to take with your ageing self.

Love is the smell of a baby from a fresh hot bath. Fresh, new and delicate. But you know that eventually, the baby will stink.

Love is laughing so hard until your face numbs but you continue to laugh anyway. Because that’s love, you continue to do it even when you’re already hurting.  I don’t know if that’s good though.

Love is that fleeting feeling of insanity while being scientifically sane. You do things you don’t want to do. You do things that you think is logically acceptable. You do things that feeds your insomnia. You do things that makes you cover your face with a pillow and yell. You do things.

Love is ugly. It bleeds the worst out of a person’s being. Jealousy, anger, fears, and more heated anger. It’s all there, gushing out.

Love is that moment of satisfaction and great intensity of feelings bursting out from everywhere around you with just a wink of an eye – his eye.

Or that moment of inferiority, but you don’t even care as long as he’s there.

Human beings. We are crazy.


20 thoughts on “On The Definition of Love

  1. Lovely post Katrina, well written and provides much food for thought.
    It just goes to show what an ethereal thing love is and how differently it may be percieved.

    Just over a year ago I though I discovered true love. I met someone who made me feel very comfortable with myself, comfortable and relaxed when with her. There was no feelings of mistrust or jealousy as we had what I felt was absolute trust in each other.
    The uncontrollable laughter was there too, something which I attributed to the fact that one generally becomes more happy overall, making life much easier to deal with.

    The problem with love in its purest form is that if it gets inexplicabbly yanked away it can be very painful. The anger, the jealousy and the negative emotions are the ugly side of this.


    1. Thank you, intelligent and very lucky reader.

      You have inspired a young hopeless romantic soul to hope and find the kind of love you’ve already found. Not all are as lucky as you are. So, do everything to keep her and grow old with her. She’s a keeper (from what I’ve read). And you, sir, deserve her more than anyone else in the world. 🙂

      Please tell me which corner you found that kind of love. I need it.


  2. You write so well. I made a repost on this blog of yours. By the way, what university are you attending? 🙂


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