Everyone Deserves A Fairy Tale

Everyone deserves a fairy tale. Everyone deserves that moment they would recall over and over and not get tired of. They deserve to be swept off of their feet. That ‘Yes, I got her’ realizations, surprise dates and cliché rain kissing, dancing and whatever. We all deserve a story we’ll tell our grandchildren to. May it be like Prince Charming’s search for the girl in glass slippers, or the vengeful fight of the Evil queen and the sleeping beauty.  Nonetheless, everyone deserves a fairy tale.

But most of all, everyone deserves a broken heart. Everyone deserves that throbbing pain their heart, that flashback of memories that replays non-stop, that grief moment in their lives that they’ll never want to experience ever again. That feeling like half of ourselves died and the other part was thrown away to the seas of somewhere else. That feeling like pieces of our body is shutting down, one by one and there’s nothing you can do about it.

It’s only after our hearts been ripped open and marked scars, that we pick ourselves and wake up to a bright morning hoping to find and hold on to a never-ending love. In however way you want to see it; a fairy tale always come with a broken heart – and some musical.


12 thoughts on “Everyone Deserves A Fairy Tale

  1. I get it where you are coming from.

    Having a broken heart – to feel pain that is deeper than the physical surface – is necessary for someone to truly appreciate when the unexpected fairy tale comes alive. The ones meandering through life are the ones usually enjoying the fortune of their first love, but never truly understanding (or appreciating) a world absent of it.

    We get it.


  2. I loooove what you write. Its like you take pages from my mind and post it online!

    And it’s so true, what you’ve written. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved t all.


  3. I used to curse over my broken heart but have since realized how the bad encounters and situations made me stronger and appreciate much more what I have today. I had to just learn to look beyond the frogs to see the prince, and grow up in the meantime!


  4. Truly beautiful writing, Katrina. You may not have a tattoo or an addiction, but you have a clear heart and an intuitive vision, which are the true things that make good writers. (Thanks, too, for visiting me!)


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