You Can’t Make Someone Care

You can talk to them about anything.

You can listen to their problems.

You can wait for them for hours.

You can send them flowers, messages and whatnot.

You can call them every minute.

You can slit your wrists.

You can have their child.

You can threaten to kill.

But you can’t make them care.


21 thoughts on “You Can’t Make Someone Care

  1. Reblogged this on Bohemian Prose and commented:
    My Blogger Friend Katrina is observant in how efforts do not always yield tge result we wish. Here’s my frustration with these notions: as Christians this should not be so.. We are commanded to forgive, commanded to Love, to accept. So why the are we following the Worlds Pattern?


  2. Great words! I think some people use caring for something or someone else as an excuse to shift focus away from themselves, and do so safely where no one would be able to challenge them. I think your words remind us that caring for others has to start on some level with caring for ourselves.


  3. I just love your blog! Glad that you mad it, never saw this style in any girl 🙂 Happy Blogging and thank you for the like on my Haiku which led me to you!


  4. Hi Katrina-I love your name, though you mentioned you don’t like it in your introduction 😉 – This is a great post. I feel the hurt, sense of abandonment, and pain.. bleeding through each words.. no words wasted in this poetry here.. Very essential, and down to the truth with no disguise. Love this. Great writing. God bless!


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