Fifteen Minutes

In 15 minutes, you can finish half of your coffee; take out the garbage and replace the plastic in the bin. In 15 minutes, you can drive to the nearest fast food; watch 4 music videos on YouTube or write a one paragraph essay about life.

In 15 minutes, you can cook breakfast for yourself; read a chapter of a novel; clean out your desk. You can mow your lawn, talk to your neighbor or fix a broken zipper. You can smoke a cigarette; finish a glass of beer and read an article. In 15 minutes, you blast through your paper-works.

That’s how long it took for everyone to be famous in the future, quoting Andy Warhol. It’s also how long it took for Air France 447 Flight to kill everyone, after the captain leaves the deck to take a nap. In 15 minutes, everyone died on the plane.

In 15 minutes, you can start a fight, or break it off. You can deliver a mail; buy an engagement ring; or plan your day in details. You can take your recess; give out all 30 flyers for prom night; and talk to the guidance counselor.

In just 15 minutes, you can move on with your life, or you can end it.


18 thoughts on “Fifteen Minutes

  1. That’s sure made to difference to my day. It has really highlighted the importance of every 15 minutes we spend on this earth! 🙂


  2. First I want to say thank you for liking my site second your 15 minutes list is different only thing I can’t do is buy an engagement ring in 15 mins. It took me and my husband weeks before we found the one I truly had to have….but I do get what you are saying though…Hope you come back real soon Katrina…have a wonderful day…


  3. 🙂 It takes me 15min to get out the door AFTER I’m ready. 😀 Well, if you multiple 15×4 then my lawn will be mowed. I have a big lawn.


  4. A most lovely write, reads very much like a poem, and I love the concept behind it. Splendid, splendid! Cheers to you,

    Autty Jade


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