Why You Should Elect Me As President

  • I’m going to make Gay-marriage legal. It doesn’t even matter what the church says. I mean, why should I bother the shit they say? I’m the president, I can do whatever I want
  • I’m going to make homes instead of bridges
  • Monday is officially NOT a school day. Start hating Tuesdays now
  • Nutella is officially the National Food
  • Cooler laws
  • Equality Equality Equality
  • Elimination of stupid laws
  • One laptop per student (save trees yay!)
  • 2 hour ‘nap’ time for students
  • No more minor subjects in University
  • Goodbye taxes
  • Free load!!!
  • Philippines will rise faster than China
  • Death Sentence for the reckless drivers (aka cab and Jeepney drivers)
  • Have the best Disneyland franchise
  • Franchise ALL stores worldwide
  • Make my birthday a National holiday. Just because
  • Elimination of spiders
  • Legalize Marijuana, so the teenagers will love me
  • Have Michael Jackson come back to life
  • Anyone can own a unicorn pet
  • Spam Sandwiches for free!
  • Cheaper transportation
  • *ALL Filipino citizen gets an iPod touch
  • Work = Fun
  • Modernized equipment for farmers
  • Build water parks
  • Make Zac Efron marry me (he he he)
You’re Welcome!
Vote for me, I have the best ideas.

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