17 Things I Know At 17

  1. What made you happy once, might not make you happy now.
  2. Everyone knows they’re going to die, but nobody believes it.
  3. To succeed, you must also know how to fail.
  4. Don’t believe everything you see, sometimes believe what you feel.
  5. ‘Sorry’ doesn’t mean it’s going to be okay, giving up, beginning or the end – it’s more than that.
  6. Destiny happens by means of your choices, not chances.
  7. The best things in life are worth experiencing with closed eyes.
  8. You don’t have to fit in, build your own stage instead.
  9. Instincts. Hold on to them.
  10. Not everyone you love has to stick around.
  11. People change. It’s a sad fact.
  12. Pretending it’s okay, doesn’t make the problem go away.
  13. There are some walks you have to take alone.
  14. Don’t let go too soon, but don’t hang on too long.*
  15. Something still exists as long as there’s someone to remember it.*
  16. Happiness is what you choose to remember.*
  17. If we don’t change the direction we are headed, we will end up where we’re going.*
*Tuesdays with Morrie
*Nineteen Minutes

21 thoughts on “17 Things I Know At 17

  1. How is it you are so wise at your age?!?!? I just love this post. And a special thanks for liking my recent post on my Not in India blog . http://notinindia2012.wordpress.com . Perhaps you will find more things to inspire or assist you in some small way along your own life’s journey if you explore the blog further. I look forward to exploring yours now that you have brought me here.
    much thanks\\
    with love light and JOY


  2. How I wish I think like you when I was 17. My life was all about study and exam..I wasnt prepared to face the real world not til 10 years later i found out what life is like.
    I will never raise my kids the way I was brought up. I want them to make their own judgements and have their own views about life.


  3. Reblogged this on An Evil Nymph's Blog and commented:
    Nowadays teens at 17 are much wiser. And this is due to our various experiences or scenes we have witnessed. Doesn’t mean that our life was full of epiphanies. We learn with our mistakes, we learn how to heal after being hurt…
    Anyway, this is an inspiring list – a must-read!!


  4. Great list, but there’s a smile on my face because you are the first person I know of that has actually watched ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’. One of my favourite movies of all time.

    Keep up the great posts


    1. I have not only watched the movie but I read the book as well. One of the best books I’ve ever read! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by! I’ll make sure to check out your blog. x


  5. The only one I would argue with is number 6. There are plenty of times when what happens it totally out of our control.


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