A Letter To My College-Age Self

Study and have fun. If you can do both at the same time, better. Skip class only if you really need to, you’ll need as much knowledge you can get. After all, you paid for it.

Don’t get easily disappointed. Join clubs and organizations you’re scared to go into. Meet new friends you’re seated next to. Write a 30-page paper in one night. Whether it is for a class or not, just do it. Ace at least one class. Nothing prepares you for success quite like success. But pass ALL your subjects. You don’t want to be a freshmen forever, don’t you?

Get drunk. Go to class, drunk. Take tests while drunk. In fact, get really drunk. You’ll never have the second take to be where you are now, might as well take advance of it. If you can drink 10 bottles of beer straight and can manage to walk up to your class and sit, then do it. If not, don’t even bother. Then the next day, wake up in someone’s front lawn, say ”I’m never drinking again” and do it all again.

Go out. Party. Party at night. Party in daylight. Play Beer Pong. Become a champ at beer pong. Retire from beer pong because nobody can beat you. Join drinking games. King’s Cup and whatnot. Get drunk. Run from the cops who aren’t running after you. Get in a fight, but don’t get bruises. Plastic surgery is expensive. Have hangover and don’t skip class. After all, this is what they say college is all about.

Do YouTube videos, like how you’ve always wanted to and make money out of it. You’ll need it for an out of country trip. Do part-time jobs. Have fun. Get fired from your job and promise not to work at a fast food ever. Learn how to DJ. Give up because you have the worst mixing skills in the entire cosmos. Try modeling. Realize you’re too fat to become one, so you ditch modeling and stick junk food in your mouth after a long day.

Become a hippie. Change your fashion style. Get a crazy haircut. Have a tattoo. Learn a different language. Befriend a foreigner. Speak to them in their language. Have fun. Forget all the foreigner words you learned five minutes ago, you’ll think you would never need it again.

Meet a guy and fall in love. Hopelessly. Go to picnics with him or have dinner dates. Make out as much as you can, everywhere you are. Listen to Bon Iver together, under the huge tree after classes. Make him sing you songs you both like, and kiss him every chance you could get. Do crazy things together. Pranks calls, balloon fights and skinny dipping. Do everything with him.

Until he breaks your heart. But it’s okay. Because after all the late night crying, and slow-paced songs playing over and over, you’ll realize you deserve someone is better. And that he will come and sweep you off your feet, before you know it. Get engaged and realize you’re too young for it and call it off. Settle for a promise ring, instead.

Do all your school works and freak out because you’re now a senior. Be good at internships and make your résumé stand out. Have your boss scream at you and fire you at your interning job. But he’ll hire you again because deep inside he really likes you.

Look back on those four years, and smile.


And be happy.


12 thoughts on “A Letter To My College-Age Self

  1. This… is amazing. When I was 16, I wrote a letter to my “future self” that looked a lot like this. And now that I’m 19 and in college, I can totally relate to a lot of the experiences you want to (and will!) have. Very inspiring stuff.

    Also, thanks so much for liking my post on my blog, Actually Allie!


    And given that i AM in college right now i’m so glad i read this. true, we hold back a lot in fear of a lot of things. fear of failing, of being laughed at, of getting screwed. but things work out in the end.



  3. Sorry for reading the letter to yourself (if you want it to be unread).
    Well, I just come to say… I love your way of thought and what you’ve done. You’ve lived.


    1. Nah I don’t mind anyone reading this letter, except for the ones I keep to myself. Hahaha

      Thank you so much! I’m not sure of the ‘I’ve lived’ part just yet. But cheers! x


  4. Are you sure you are a teenager? The stuff you come out with is absolutely amazing. Carry on like this, and you’ll go along the same lines as Plato and Confuscious


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