What Happened To Old Fashioned Love?

When guys were the ones chasing girls. When guys threw pebbles on the bedroom window, instead of honking. When love letters were common and ordinary. When you could talk to each other by the lake, in the middle of the grass or at a park and not get interrupted by your friends’ texts. When you could spontaneously dance on the street. When making out was done in private. When dinner dates happened instead of movie dates. When I love you means I love you.

What happened?


21 thoughts on “What Happened To Old Fashioned Love?

  1. Hey,
    Wow, I totally agree with you. I love the past too and I really wish I lived in the 1930’s or 1940’s. What has happened to old fashioned romantic love? I hate it when guys wolf whistle me, it is just so rude. Thanks for liking one of my posts 🙂 Xx


  2. If I threw a pebble at your window I’d probably break it but otherwise I’ll say this:
    I am the one who always chases the girl.
    I actively seek quiet country spots to visit and turn my mobile off when I’m not at home or at work.
    I replaced the love letters with emails but I do buy romantic gifts randomly for any girl I date and when I say I love you, I always mean it.

    I have found that women have given up on tradition on the whole. I have learned to cook and housekeep because women just won’t do it anymore, they think they are being oppressed if they take a traditional role. Without these traditions it is impossible to uphold the romantic values you harken to. The world has changed also but on the whole it has become more difficult for a man to treat a lady like a lady without offending her.


    1. Are you God? Seriously? You always contradict my posts and make me feel stupid for what I wrote, but i like it. I like how you made me learn something I wouldn’t have learned outside wordpress. I like how you made me see things a little bit different and look into whats ahead and how it changed. Thank you for that, really. We need more daffodilias in this world. 🙂


      1. I’m happy to get you thinking. I certainly would not ever wish to make you feel stupid, you are highly intelligent and I love how you articulate what you are thinking,

        It is also fantastic to hear someone so young talking about upholding traditional values.


      2. Aww thank you so much! Keep doing what you do though, I like how it makes me – for the lack of better term – mindfucked. (Sorry for cursing, I just had to)


  3. Love this. But there are wonderfully traditional guys out there – you just have to wait for the right one to come by. Thanks for liking my post. I absolutely love your blog (and the theme, by the way, so minimal!) and I follow you now! ❤


  4. I was raised with old fashioned values when it comes to relationships. I’ve only met two girls who shared the same values.

    As traditional gender roles break down, so does the old rules that applied to men and women dating.


  5. Big happy sigh here–love can be sparked and sustained through modern convenience. People have not changed–just our tools. We have moved from caveman mating (imagine a neanderthal saying tenderly to his beloved–remember the first time I clubbed you and dragged you to the cave?) to modern dating Except back then, the interruptions were not texts as we walked by the lake, but large animals that wanted us for dinner. I will stick with the interruptions I can turn off 🙂


  6. Oh I feel your pain. I’m nineteen and haven’t had a relationship with a guy yet, simply because I’m old-fashioned in that respect and want to wait for the right guy to come along. I get a bit of teasing for my lack of experience from my brother-in-law (which always riles me…it’s none of his business!) but I don’t care. I’m not giving myself away lightly. Old-fashioned romantic courtships rock!


  7. What a great post and very well said!!! What HAS happened to love meaning LOVE? The word definitely falls on too many loose tongues in the 21st century! Thank you for visiting catnipoflife. Glad you found me, which let me to your blog. Have a great day!


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