Things I Wish I Could Say

  • I’m eating Salmon Sashimi.
  • I know how to ride a bike, and I’m very good at it.
  • I don’t look like a potato.
  • I don’t have trust issues.
  • There’s nothing to do today, so I’ll just sleep and eat and sleep and eat.
  • Yay! More books to read.
  • Where are my BMW car keys?
  • Oh, it’s just in my Alexander Wang purse.
  • I’m not tired of hoping and waiting for something that will never come.
  • You mean to say, MUFASA NEVER DIED?
  • Please stop, I don’t want you to tell me your annoying story.
  • Being a teenager is the best thing ever, I can do everything I want.
  • It’s okay, I can skip my class.
  • People are not stupid. No, not at all.
  • I’m not heartbroken over the fact that Zac Efron is probably smooching and kiss-y kiss-y with some girl now.
  • THIS is exactly what I mean.
  • My lashes are perfectly okay to not put on mascara. They’re long and luscious enough. 
  • Oh yes, I looooove freshly shocked oysters.
  • I’m meeting Lady Gaga today, and we will be best friends.
  • I have exactly everything that I want.
  • Don’t worry about me, I can live without my parents. 🙂 Yes, with the smiley.
  • I’m having a record deal, because my voice is as good as Michael Jackson!
  • Meet my boyfriend, Jon Kortajarena.
  • I don’t like pickles.
  • I am completely fine.
  • I am not worried about my future.
  • Love is very fun and enjoyable.
  • So unplucked eyebrows are IN?
  • This perfect dress fits me perfectly and it’s on sale! 
  • Take a number, gentleman callers are interested in me.
  • Gays can get married, of course. It’s not 2011, honey.
  • I like you and I’m not going to be creepy about it at all because I’m not creepy, I’m just endlessly adorable.
  • You are so great and I can tell you this because I don’t have a crippling fear of rejection built up slowly, years at a time.
  • Oh my god, it’s Miley Cyrus. Let me go and say hi to my BFF!
  • Come in, my house has so much food and my room is really clean.
  • No, I haven’t watched Titanic over 20 times. I’m not a complete weirdo, hoping to find true love someday.
  • Nah, I’m not obsessed with the Vampire Diaries either.
  • I have the fastest internet. Ever.
  • My writing skills are exceptional. I’m just as good as J.K. Rowling. What are you talking about?
  • I really like jejemons.
  • I am not annoyed. Don’t worry.

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