Photo A Day Challenge: May ’12

Because I have nothing else to do but face the computer and complain why I can’t do anything productive, I joined the allies of FATMUMSLIM’s challenge. Not that this is what normal people call ‘productive’,  I just can’t make up anything worth doing. I 90% sure know I wont be able to do this, but whatever I can give it a try.

Because I found this challenge today – May 8 – I’m going to skip over a week and hope that it’s not considered cheating. You can’t blame me for living in a rock. I mean, come on.

Day 8 – A Smell You Adore

People would expect me to say Sarah Jessica Parker’s perfume, but I chose Victoria’s Secret Pink with A Splash in Pretty and Pure.

I could say it’s the best daytime body mist for me. It’s fruity and sweet and young. Ah, I love this. You can even see how scratched the bottle is!

So I guess that’s it. See you tomorrow with another photo.


– KatrinaLabra


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