An Explanation and Something else

I am a slack at keeping my blog up. But I do have an explanation to my readers, so please hear me out.

I have been very busy at past two weeks. As you all know, I enrolled myself to summer classes for the hopes of finishing university earlier than expected. But things changed around my mind and house. My aunt opened the topic of shifting of another course. A course that’s more relevant to our family’s business. Education, that is. And I liked the idea. In fact, I asked my mom about this a year ago if I could take up the said course, but she insisted, thinking its too crappy so I went ahead for Linguistics, which is kind of the same. Now, my mom asked me again if I still want to take up education. My answer is yes. 

So yeah, I went to my uni on Friday and asked if I could withdraw all the subjects I’m taking up for summer. They said I could, but I would have to pay the whole amount, which is kind of the same if I finished the subject.  This got me thinking for a short while. But I decided to drop the subject and don’t bother hassling myself with the papers to file and complete. 

Anyhow, I have also engaged myself into filming, again. But not beauty videos like I used to do. (Embarrassing) This time its more of a creative and promotional video. I like it. Although it gets really tiring at some point, it’s all worth it in the end. Or so I hope. 

From my last post, you may have seen the video my friends and I made. That’s the video I’m talking about here.

Anyway, we have been going around the city to promote LifeDance 2012, hoping they would give us backstage passes. It would take us about 10 minutes to ask people to wave at the camera for 5 seconds. We get rejected a few times and most girls would give us a snob when we’re talking to their guys, thinking we’re flirting with them. We also got to the point of talking back to rude guys. But mostly, we had so much fun. I guess that’s an enough reason for my lack of decent posts and updates. 

Okay, I’m tired now. Bye.


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