What’s Up, Ketchup?

I love Ketchup. 

Don’t judge me!

Lost, MIA and dead. I was all of the above. But I have risen! Yes. I am very cliche.

I has been over a week, or more, since I last published a post. I am really sorry. Summer classes has taken my time for myself, eg. reading, writing and eating. That stated, I have lost a few pounds. How sad.

Anyway, my life is catching up on me. I have more things to do now, which better than laying around all day. I get to go out a lot. I also get to be with my friends more. Yay! But I have the best news ever. Not quite, but I’m psyched for it. 


Just because we really want to meet Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. We are obsessed! And when we are, we go do crazy things. Exhibit A:

We don’t know if they’re gonna give us some, but we have had feedbacks from the event’s organizers. And here’s what they said:

That‘s just one out of 3 to 5 responses from them. (I got tired of doing print screens, sorry!)

So, I guess we are close for the backstage passes then? Yaaaaaaay.

You have no idea how hyped I was. 

Again, don’t judge me!

– KatrinaLabra


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