Of Music and More Music

At the moment, I could not help but listen to soft, Indie music. I feel like it’s calling me. I feel like where I belong. I’m not gonna lie, I love house music. I even go crazy when Steve Aoki is on. It’s fun and different. But with Indie songs, it just takes me some place else. A different universe, at that. And I love it there.

Putting the mushy things aside, here are the songs I currently have been obsessing over, sans One Direction. I’m a newbie and I’m starting to love everyone in the group. No. No. No. My heart belongs to Zayn! Meh. I’ll get over them in a week, but in the mean time I’m embracing my obsessions with romantic scenarios I create in my head. That’s creepy. Never mind.

And the best one yet…

 Thank you lovely readers! x

– KatrinaLabra


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