Of Life

Life, I learned, is a lot of different phases. You get to a point where everything is where you want it to be in. And you feel happy and wish you could stay like this forever. But then just as you were as happy as that kid with an ice cream, someone takes your ice cream. It’s sad, and painful. And you realize you’ve gone to another phase, its the worst one. Then you completely struggle yourself out until you stop wanting to have your ice cream back. So you moved on.

Happiness is moving on, letting it go and changing. It may feel like the world has crashed down on you at first, but it gets better. A lot better.


3 thoughts on “Of Life

  1. I call it growing pains, my pastor calls it birthing pains, because it feels terrible, but at the end their is something amazing waiting for you. Funny how many blogs there are, how many people write about this lol


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