My Week in Photos

Messy purse. Aha.
Could possibly be my new favorite drink.
From this afternoon.
Groceries. Bow. *Munch
My trustee ballet flats.
  1. Today has not been any different from the past couple of days since my summer vacation started. Eat, internet, movies and blog. What. A. Life. I could not stress enough how much I need to go out and do my summer checklist. Now I realize how much I procrastinate. I should get a trophy for this or something.
  2. Anyway, my dad told me a few days ago to look for a summer job. I tried. And failed. I could not find any decent jobs around my city. If I don’t become a call center agent, I become a stripper. And call center is not on my list. I should try going to the field and actually look, not on the internet alone. But then, I sat on the table for lunch today when my mum asked me about summer class. Whew! At last, some one supports me with this. I want to enroll, badly. In case you didn’t know, I’m a shiftee and I’m a little behind with my subjects. I don’t want to finish college in 5 years. But my dad didn’t say anything. Usually, this is a good sign. Meaning, he actually agrees with my decision. But sometimes, his mind takes a little tour on a different way and disagrees. I don’t know what he wants me to do. Help.
  3. I had McDonald’s for dinner today. No for fast foods! But I cannot pull myself back. I want to be a vegetarian, but burgers love me.
  4. I need to do something with my life. I kept thinking about this, but I could not make up my mind. School ends soon, like 4-5 years and life kicks in. I want to work hard for my success. Or I could just marry a millionaire? Ha. No.

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