To-Do List: Summer 2012

Belly Tops, Flip Flops. Lemonade in the Shade. Blue Skies, Hot Guys. Late Nights, Water Fights. Ice creams, Sweet Dreams. Bathing Suits, Shooting Hoops. Party Time, Schools Out. Sleeping In, Sneaking Out. That’s what summer is all about.

So for this year, I created a list of things I want to do. (I don’t want to be on facebook the whole time, do I?) It maybe crazy, but seeing myself pushing to the limit means that I can finally, say I dared to go for extremes.

1. Food fight! Or paint fight, if food tastes good.

2. Say yes to everything for a day. Enough said.

3. Extreme Movie Marathon. 24 hours. Non-stop.

4. Go on a road trip. With family or friends, I don’t care. I just want to get away from the city, and myself.

5. Limitless Truth or Dare. My friends and I always do truth or dares. But this time, we go intense.

6. Horse-back riding. I just want to do it, okay?

7. Send a message in a bottle. And my soul mate reads it. Then we meet one day and get married! (Am I watching too much romantic movies?)

8. Chalk dye my hair. (OMG, so badass.) And blog about it.

9. Read 50 contemporary books. For two reasons. Kill time and improve my writing. I used to be a bookworm wherein I honestly stay in the library for hours and not get bored. But high school and college happened, that I completely forgot my undying love for the smell of old books and well-written novels.

10. Make S’mores and camp fire! I get to sing the campfire song by Spongebob and snack on s’mores.

11. Spa day with mum. We used to always do it but got caught up with work and school.

12. Take video clips each day. On the end of summer, put them altogether.

13. Fire dancing. I may have said I love belly dancing but summer means fire dancing at the beach. And I love knowing how to.

14. Go skinny dipping. For the longest time I actually really want to do this. Don’t ask why, I can’t give you a convincing answer.

15. Make a time capsule. And read it in 5 years.


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