001. I had the need to wake up early for NSTP (National Service Training Program) day, the day that ends all my cancelled Saturday afternoon plans. We didn’t really do much, we just played and roam around the campus, my previous campus to be exact. No strict instructions were given which is a plus.

002. In case you didn’t know, my mum got into a car accident on Friday. She was and is not a reckless driver, the other driver was. She was stuck in traffic then suddenly this driver fell asleep as he turned left, hitting the road signs and 2 other cars but the last car had the worst damage, which my mum was in. Fortunately, she’s okay and got out of the hospital the next day.

003. Fiona, my superstar best friend. She. Is. Legit-ly. Amazing. I wish I have her talent so I could sing anywhere I want without people hitting bottles directly on my face. After watching Fiona’s gig, we went to I.T. Park to have a few drinks.

004. I want to cut all of my hair off! I kind of really hate it right now. It’s getting on my nerves. Grey hairs, please go fuck yourself!


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