Las Cosas Viejas

I may want something new but I always keep going back, always.

This does not have anything to do with boys and relationships.

All I’m saying is that the old is better. The music from way back is undoubtedly better. People before were classy and chic. In other words, better. Fashion was better – the dresses, hats and shoes. Also, being young is better. No one can argue with me in that.

I guess what made me think this is a ‘blog-worthy’ post is that recently I have been going ‘back’. Reconnecting with the past and making friends with it. Not that we’re actually enemies, we’re not in very good terms. We have stories to tell but this is not the kind of story I’d want to post in this blog.

On a brighter note, here’s something from my ‘past’.

The song I loved at 13, and fell back into it.

My favourite comic strip, putting snoopy aside. This book never bore me. Considering, I read it at least 7 times.

The classic Audrey Hepburn look, The Little Black Dress. Everyone loves this, everyone.

I guess that’s everything I need to share to you guys for today. No wait, I lost a tooth today too, in preparation for braces. 😥

– KatrinaLabra


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