White Out

On Saturday, I attended Ciara, my high school friend’s debut. Theme: All White. Sorry for not going with the theme but I massacred my closet and I couldn’t find anything but my Graduation Ball dress. I did have the thought of wearing it but we wouldn’t want to be over-dressed and steal the debutante’s night, don’t we?

Anyway, the party was A-mazing. I personally give it an A. Get it? No? Okay, get off my blog, you muggle. The party wasn’t dragging. There weren’t any boring presentations but there was a hilarious song tribute by Tricia Ecarma. (Really great singer right there, she needs to have an album!)

In the corner, beside the mouth-watering catering, stands Partyholic Mobile Bar, a cocktail and beverage event catering establishment. They prepared the drinks in a shot glass, but if you don’t like what they served, you can check their menu and ask  them to make it.

Anyhow, I’ll fill this out later. My sister’s boyfriend is beeping every second on my Facebook asking to get my sister to go online. Hay.

– KatrinaLabra


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