Road to Death, Kind of.

February 25, 2012

I’m sick, literally.

Right now, I’m in bed sipping nothing at all. A tea would be nice but I just end up vomiting it all off, not a very good feeling. As of the moment, I still have no idea what I ate last night or which alien I caught this sickness from. You know aliens, they’re weird and stinky.

Anyway, today I was suppose to go to my class but I couldn’t help but watch stars above my head, circling. Stars are nice, but not on my head. It doesn’t feel very comfortable.

I’m actually waiting for my mom to come home from buying groceries and a mini spa, hoping she would know how to make me feel a bit better. Oh wait, SHE JUST ARRIVED as we speak – speak of the devil. (Not that she is one)

A moment of silence please, she’s acting as my doctor and checking up on me.

Yeah okay mom, a glass of milk would be nice. *gulps

Anyway, sorry for the short interruption (Mom, stop reading this post. Thank you.) but now I’m gonna catch some Z’s and draft this post.

February 26, 2012

I just got out of the hospital. I’m tired and not feeling any better. Don’t worry though, I’m not dying.

I didn’t get myself admitted because I’m not a fan of needles, they just evaluated me instead.

So when I walked in, they let me sit in this wheelchair and dragged me to this station where the nurses asked me how I was, which part hurts, how bad is it and apparently, they also asked about my lockjaw. Any-who, they brought me to the emergency room and I lay on this bed, where hundreds of people died, hugging my tummy.

The doctor came and you know, asked questions. Then, the med-tech guy who was really cute and could definitely be the man of my dreams, came in and asked me how I was. Bad luck is in my hands because I was in my pj’s and extremely sick-looking. In short, I was nothing close to ‘presentable’. He then asked me to drink stuffs and pee on this container. I asked the doctor what the pee is for and she stated 3 tests, and one of it was very familiar. Yes, pregnancy test.

I saw the look on my mother’s face and I know the doctor told her. I was like, ‘Nahhh, that can’t be. The farthest I’ve gone is 1st base!’ but my mom didn’t really believe it. How awkward, can this get?

Yeah, I went home 4 hours after and now I’m here, blogging. We’re picking up the results tomorrow and if I’m any better, I don’t think I’ll still go to class.

The End.

In case this post wasn’t any good, here’s a kiss.




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