Because of long breaks and good company, I find myself in different places. Good Lord, bless my grades and school. But, I don’t skip class, okay? (He he)

I’m gonna load you with pictures due to lack of them in my previous posts. I hope you like-y!

My best buddies, Fiona and Stacey. But then I’d have to admit out of you two, Fiona’s the bestest.

Breakfast is the meal I can eat any time of the day. If you’re gonna date me, you should know that.

High school and university friends.

Eva and Den.

Sometimes, I switch ethnicity without even knowing.

Messing with Stacey’s phone.

My boys. ❤

We lasted until morning, except for that person in pink, KJ.

Ling&Lit friends. Yes, that’s Jenie. It’s Fiona’s masterpiece.

My creeper face. *Creeper wave

Charity, the first person who actually said she liked my blog. :”)

Brian the Koreano.

Third year… you know.

Hi, do you wanna have coffee with me?

Okay, I’m done.


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