Shoot It

I am not, nor will I ever be a ‘photographer’ everyone is aspiring to be someday. But these shots were taken by me, along with my Nikon S3000 Digital camera. The only conclusion I can give to why these photos are worthy to be place on my blog is because they were capture on what I call, perfect angle, lighting and timing.

That’s all I have for you guys today, unless you want to hear how my Math Midterm went? Yes? Okay!

I will forever hate Math. Even the word itself makes me so furious. So you know how the examples from the discussion are way easy but when it comes to the test its like you haven’t heard a single thing about it? That’s the story of how my Math exam went. It’s not that I wasn’t prepared, it’s just too confusing and useless.

I think I made a right decision not taking engineering, or else I would be the worst cream out there. Instead, I could might as well marry one. (Jokes)

– Katrina


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