Sunday Wrap-Up Week 002

001. This week has been really hard for me. On Monday, I had to visit the dentist to get my jaw checked since I was having discomfort with it not opening as much, most people call it ‘lockjaw’. I have had this problem for about 2 years and this time it was worst. To make things short, my dentist diagnosed me with TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint Disorder). He mentioned that I have to wear a pin block, expansion screw and braces afterwards. I literally sobbed when I knew because (a.) I never really wanted to get my teeth fixed, I don’t see what’s the point in doing so, and (b.) it’s gonna hurt like hell!! Atm, I’m wearing the pin-block and I look extremely crappy and I could not eat or talk properly. Oh the greatness of food, how I miss! I just want to get a surgery and quit school until im doing with this pin-block thing.

002. I haven’t really been out this week. Mainly, because of my jaw and that I’m still overly exhausted from Sinulog. So don’t expect any photos.

003. I am obsessed with blogs. Yes, obsessed. I have not been doing anything online aside from reading blogs. I just think it’s fascinating seeing other people’s live broadcast-ed online. Not that I’m a stalker or anything, it just amazes me.

004. 9Gag. Oh my goodness! I love it.

005. I’m serious about quitting school, but the thing is I have to weigh my options. It’s either I quit now, or that I won’t attend summer school. School is stressing me outttt!!!! WHY DO WE EVEN HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL TO BE ‘SUCCESSFUL’????

Sorry for this depressing post but I needed to get them out.

– Katrina


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