Sunday Wrap-Up Week 001

001. Can you hear that? Oh yes! The day we, Cebuanos, have been waiting for has arrived. Sinulog! Sinulog is the day where ALL the people go out in the streets and have fun until the sunsets. It’s the day where Cebu’s only Mardi Gras happen. The day where teenagers have an excuse to be really drunk.  The day where paint-fight and beer showers are legal. Imagine a street party. That’s what it is. (If you lack imagination, Bing it. *it’s like Google, because Google is too mainstream.)

002. School, like always, is a pain in the ass. After weeks of saying I’ll wash my PE clothes, I finally took it out of the locker and washed it. Say whatever you want but I was too lazy. Uni was a blur. I didn’t really focus on studies this week (happens every week) because I was too psyched up with Sinulog. All these planning and stuffs were getting my attention.

003. Night-outs were mainstream this week, of course. If you’re Cebuano (and read 001.), you know why. It’s fun but what a disease it is for my pocket. I need a work bros! Summer, hurry already!

004. I wasn’t really keen posting outfits this week. Generally, I was too lazy to take out my camera out of my bag. It wasn’t just my thing this week. Let’s try again next week. *Fingers crossed!

005. This week is like my ”writing zone”. It’s weird how much I wanted to write. Seriously, like , I just want to write everywhere with anything. A pen is always a way to go, obviously. Like I said before, writing has always been my thing – ever since I was 7. It’s just sad that I have never really gotten into it, like really do it. NAWMSAYIN’? (know what I’m saying?)


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