It’s your choice. It’s your life.

We wake up in the morning and just want things to be over with, so we rush. We rush to school, to work or to wherever you think life’s going to get you. We work hard, in any sort. We just want to survive. Survive life. But really? To survive is what we want?  Or something else? Like live? 

– 10 Jan 2011

Just recently, I have not been in the mood for all these ‘What’s new? What’s in?” in fashion, or basically, anything that has to do with dressing up. But lately, I have been ”soul-searching” as some of you may say.  I just thought maybe there’s more to life than doing what others say you do. And so Google was there to help me with my questions. Or was it Tumblr? I’m not quite sure.

But I did read and watch some articles and videos on YouTube that somehow made me think, about life, my choices and how I spend it wisely.

Read here.

If you haven’t heard of Ben Breedlove, there’s Google to help you.

You might want to grab some napkins in this one.

I guess all I’m saying is that we should treasure life as if we’re going to die any second from now. Treasure time, family and friends, not work or school or grades. Yes, they may get you somewhere but not as far as your family does.

– Katrina


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