Happy Birthday Jana!

Happy Birthday Jana! (pronounced as Yana)

I know this is a really late post, but hey I really did it, aye? I know we’ve only started hanging out recently but I regret not being your friend ever since high school. I never ever see you out of the classrooms, so I never get to meet you. Not until the first day of 2nd semester… weird.

You’re really easy to get along with and it’s actually, not what I expected. You’re down to earth and pretty cool. You make me laugh, you make me cry. I guess that’s both I’ll have to buy.  Your hands in mine… Oh wait. This is a Miley Cyrus song.

Anyway, here are…

10 reasons why I love you:

drum roll, please?

1. You make us (Fiona and I) laugh.

2. You laugh at my jokes, corny or not.

3. You have supersonic ears, a.k.a bat ears.

4. I like-y your blog. (Click here)

5. You’re very naning.

6. You don’t know how to cross the street.

7. You never, NEVER, make us (Fiona and I) distract you during classes. 😦

8. You always pay for the taxis! 🙂

9. You so fluffyyyyy!!!

10. You’re Jana. ❤

Oh oh!!!! You’re really funny when we ‘try’ to bully you. (Sorry!)

I guess that’s all I have to say…

But wait, here are 10 MORE REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU:

1. – 10. You’re smart to know what they are.

– Katrina


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