Chill Out Day

Blouse: Bargain

Jeans: Forever21

Bag: Versace Sling Bag

Accessories: Forever21 (earrings) Robinson’s (bangle)

Shoes: Celine

Yesterday, my mum and I decided to go to Ayala for a chill out day, which turned out to be a kinda stressful one. We walked around for a few hours, 2 maybe, then had coffee at Bo’s Coffee. We didn’t really plan on buy anything aside from food, so I didn’t expect anything. But for some reason, mum was always, ALWAYS, talking about the Ray-ban’s she tried on the previous day. I had a weird feeling about this one.

After we finished our drink and carrot bar (yum!), she was like ‘Hey, why don’t we go and take a look at the glasses I was talking about.’ I was like, this is not a very good idea…

So she tried it on, and decided to buy it. Yea, I kind of figured that one already. But oh well, she wanted it that badly.

But I had my fair share, of course. She bought me a Topshop bag because I have always wanted one for the longest time. Plus, they were on 50% sale! (Yipee). She also bought 2 dresses for her and a dress for my sister.

And then I took a couple of ‘candid’ photos that day, and one fashion ‘stalker’ photo.


We got Mani-Pedis too!

Nice shoes, Mister. 😉

And here’s what I did when I got home, watching Letters of Juliet.

That’s it for today. Adios, Mi Amigos! 🙂

– Katrina

P.S. The images are mine, finally. And I do not speak Spanish.


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