That Blouse I Wanted

It’s sad. Really sad. *cuts wrists

Okay, here’s the story of how I met ‘the’ blouse.

My mum and I went to Ayala to walk around yesterday afternoon. I already had in mind that she’s not gonna buy me anything today, after the end of my birthday and Christmas week. She’s always been like that when huge celebrations come, you know, just to save up money for Christmas and my birthday.

So, we walked around, tried on some clothes and hassle the sales ladies to get us this and that sizes for fun, then walk out of the boutique empty-handed. then we walked in to this store, My personal favorite store.

Everything there was beautiful. And this one shirt completely blew me away! I swear, I fell in love. It was peach polka-dots and had a round lace collar. I’ve been looking all over for a shirt like one, and I found it and ALMOST had it.

The reason why I didn’t get it not because my mum didn’t want to buy me one but because we left the store to  go and see other ones and mum promised to come back and buy the shirt. But, as soon as I came back from 2 different stores, it was all too late. I walked in, and saw the shirt folded over the counter. And my heart instantly dropped. Seriously? that was only 2 stores!!

Yea, you’d be like then go ask the lady for another one. I would, but this store only has ONE product for each style. bummer!



2 thoughts on “That Blouse I Wanted

  1. Hey, So I am getting used to your blog. I can relate to you being a cat person totally. When is your B-Day? Mine is mid-December a few weeks before Christmas..


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